Introduction to Service Design and Assurance Group

The Service Design and Assurance (SDA) group works with government departments to support them in delivering great public services. We do this by providing peer-derived Standards, guidance and best practice. We provide expert support and information across the lifecycle of government digital and IT services. We work across government to establish best practice and show teams how to develop their own. Our remit ranges from existing large-scale contracts, to assurance and procurement of new services. Our group is organised into teams who help us to deliver our objectives.

Technology Standards

Working to drive forwards Government Technology Standards through developing technology standards and an associated Code of Practice, curating government technology innovation and providing technology advice.

Service standards

Working to drive forwards Service Design Standards through developing a service manual and service design patterns supporting this with delivering service design advice.


Working towards agreeing a vision for securing technology services across government and establishing a “secure by design” service along with associated standards ensuring a robust, mature and responsive security delivery and operations capability.

Service assessments and controls

Leadership and oversight of the service assessment portfolio across government.

We assure digital and IT spend to ensure value for money and quality. We help departments to deliver their priorities in a way that meets good standards. By doing all this, we help government to deliver great public services.

We help the public sector buy what it needs to deliver great digital services through the Digital Marketplace, and help to assure that government money is spent wisely.

Through the Technology, Architecture and Standards and Standards Assurance teams, we advise departments on best practice and guidance for digital and technology policy.

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