Welcome Letter

This is an unprecedented time for digital, data and technology in the UK government as we transform public services on a global scale.

There have never been more opportunities to work collectively and creatively to respond to the changing needs and expectations of millions of people, and deliver services that are simpler, faster and easier to use.

The UK is recognised as one of the world leaders in digital government; countries like the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are modelling their digital transformation on ours.

The Digital, Data and Technology profession comprises 17,000 Digital, Data and Technology colleagues across government, and is rapidly scaling up nationwide in line with our strategy.

In your capacity as Director for Service Design and Assurance at GDS, you will join a network of digital, data and technology leaders that has developed into an essential forum for coordinating and driving transformation, collaboration and innovation across government.

With your senior colleagues from other departments you will set standards and maintain a shared vision to deliver transformation. You will share best practice and drive collective efficiencies wherever possible; supporting and guiding our cross government programmes in order to build capability and make government a destination of choice.

You’ll be a role model and a relentless champion of government as a place where everyone can thrive and where diversity can flourish; a place that reflects the public we serve.

The potential to shape our society’s future is enormous and our purpose is to ensure the profession is equipped and inspired to deliver real, meaningful change for users; to do the work of transformation that makes government work better for everyone.

Kevin Cunnington
Head of the Digital, Data and Technology Profession, Civil Service
Director General, Government Digital Service

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