Background to Government Digital Service

At GDS, we are leading the digital transformation of government. Working collaboratively with departments, we harness the power of technology to do things digitally and deliver public services that are simpler, clearer and faster to use and more efficient to run.

We work in small, agile teams of developers, designers, content designers and others. We build a minimum viable product then iterate - always asking how we can make things better for users, who are at the centre of everything we do. We designed, built and run GOV.UK, the best place to find government information and services. It started with a simple alpha but has now received 3.41 billion visits since its launch in October 2012. It has transformed millions of people’s interactions with government.

In February 2017, we published the Government’s Transformation Strategy, which sets out our vision and objectives to 2020, and how this work will be done. Our aim is to transform the relationship between citizen and state, so that when people access public services they feel government is at their service at every stage.

GDS will continue to create, operate and iterate shared digital platforms and tools that can be used across government to speed up transformation, through programmes like Government as a Platform and the roll-out of GOV.UK Verify.

Building digital capability in government remains a priority. The national GDS Digital Academy will offer digital training right across government. We’re also building better workplace tools and processes to make it easier for public servants to work effectively.

We will harness the value of open data – not just for transparency, but to help improve and innovate the existing range of services available to the public. That means modernising our data infrastructure, and improving how we standardise and maintain our data.

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