Donald Hyslop - Chair

Thank you for your interest in joining the team at Creative & Cultural Skills

It’s a great time for an ambitious leader to join our dynamic and agile UK-wide team. We have just put in place a new three-year business plan and are looking for our next CEO to lead its successful implementation.

It’s an exciting time to join Creative & Cultural Skills, but it won’t be without its challenges. As the UK faces the highest levels of unemployment in recent history and the cultural sector’s operations have largely been suspended, now more than ever we need to address skills gaps and shortages to aid the sector’s future sustainability. We want to ensure the widest pool of talent, regardless of background, personal circumstances or previous educational achievement, can work and learn in our sector. We believe this is key to us maintaining a course of economic growth as well as making us a sector that’s truly open to everyone.

The UK’s creative industries now account for £111bn in GVA each year. Pre Covid-19 we were growing at five times the rate of the economy and accounted for more than 2 million jobs. We were forecasting to create 900,000 new jobs by 2030 and recognised as the sector that’s least at risk from automation. We can’t currently predict exactly what our sector will look like the other side of the pandemic, but we know it will be different.

Over the last year Creative & Cultural Skills has been working to update its vision and mission. We have assessed our impact and the value the cultural sector places on us, which in turn has led to us tightening our focus and constructing a plan for how we deliver our work with consistency right across the UK.

Creative & Cultural Skills has a good track record, but we are guilty of hiding our light under a bushel. We know that we need to shout louder and reach further if we’re to bring about the change we know is needed. We need to further influence policy makers and funders, and we need to make sure that the sector is supported to think differently about how it recruits to broaden who it recruits.

We need to make sure there are alternative choices that help the next generation train for the real jobs in our sector, and we need educators and careers professionals to recognise why we’re a sound choice for a career. We need the post-16 training sector to value us and help us deliver industry-led and endorsed training, including apprenticeships. Most of all, we want a cultural sector that leads the way not just for its creative outputs but for the way it supports fair access to work.

If this is a challenge you want to take leading CCSkills with a highly skilled and experienced team, then we look forward to hearing from you.

Donald Hyslop

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