The Person

The Trust is looking for an Independent Non-Executive Director who has:

  • A recent background as a medical doctor, ideally but not essentially in emergency and/or urgent care; and
  • The experience and expertise to understand, support and challenge the clinical issues arising from the services provided by the Trust.

In addition to:

  • A good understanding of corporate governance, ideally with recent direct experience, and a clear understanding of the role of a Non-Executive Director;
  • Genuine commitment to patients, carers and the community, especially to disadvantaged groups;
  • A passion for and commitment to the NHS;
  • The ability to think and plan ahead, balancing needs and constraints;
  • The ability to accept accountability and probe and challenge constructively;
  • The ability to influence and persuade others;
  • Strong mentoring, relationship-building and communication skills;
  • A strong commitment to working as a team member;
  • The motivation to improve NHS performance and confidence to take on challenges; and
  • The ability to think clearly and creatively.

In order to eligible for the role, candidates must reside or work within the SECAmb constituency boundaries. These are the counties of Kent, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex as well as the Greater London area. If you unsure on these boundaries, please contact Green Park.

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