Person Specification

Innovate UK

Innovate UK drives sustainable economic growth through business-led innovation, by investing in innovation and giving innovative businesses of all sizes in all sectors access to the knowledge, partners, investment and markets they need.

The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate the following characteristics:


  • A commitment to UK Research and Innovation’s mission and priorities;
  • A clear understanding of the research and innovation sector’s contribution to society and to the economy, including its potential applications and impacts and the barriers and opportunities that exist in realising these; the role of multidisciplinary research within this. This may be exemplified from an academic, commercial, industrial, user community, Governmental, or third sector perspective.
  • Domain expertise gained within a variety of organisational backgrounds and an ability to critically evaluate and/or advise on new research and innovation opportunities within the remit of Innovate UK;
  • The ability to support decision-taking and provide advice at a strategic level and to exercise judgment across a broad spectrum of policy (including research and innovation policy) issues.
  • An ability to tackle and reach conclusions on complex policy issues. This again may be derived from a variety of differing career perspectives.
  • A demonstrable track record of working at a senior policy making level in academic, commercial, industrial, user community, Governmental, or third sector organisations.
  • An appreciation of current and evolving technology developments and commercial exploitation routes, as well as the ability to consider wider issues in strategy development.
  • Knowledge of the UK innovation ecosystem, experience of the transfer of knowledge and an understanding of routes to market for technologies.


  • Experience of working across international boundaries;
  • Knowledge of and strong personal interest in areas of Innovate UK's work;
  • Strong business management experience;
  • Knowledge of the decision-making process for publicly funded research and of the associated strategic issues;
  • Experience of public engagement with research and innovation;
  • Experience of operating internationally, particularly with regard to innovation partnerships and overseas business markets;
  • Knowledge of the decision-making process for publicly-funded innovation, and associated strategic issues;

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