Person Specification

In your written application, please give evidence that shows your experience against each of the selection criteria listed below as Part One. The skills and personal attributes set out under Part Two will be explored with candidates who are selected for interview.

Part One

Knowledge and experience

  • Substantial strategic and organisational leadership and management experience gained in either the private, public or not for profit sectors. Experience or insight in one or more of the following fields is essential for these appointments:
    • Finance and business development including property.
  • Direct experience of leading an organisation, or providing substantial, complex services
  • General understanding of the role of charity boards and their responsibilities and operation.
  • Understanding of the principles of sound financial management and scrutiny.
  • Understanding of the importance of strategic investment in people management and development.

Part Two

Skills and personal attributes

  • Genuine interest in and support for the St Mungo’s aims and objectives and committed to ensuring diversity and equality of opportunity in service provision and employment.
  • Willing to promote the work of St Mungo’s through own social and professional contacts and participation in marketing and fundraising activities.
  • Good communication and influencing skills.
  • Outstanding team-working, collaborative, interpersonal and relationship-building skills.
  • Strategic in outlook
  • Demonstrates business acumen.
  • Analytical and creative thinker with strong problem-solving abilities.
  • Ability to contribute.

Leadership & Reputation Building

  • Contributes a clear sense of direction and excitement about where St Mungo’s is going
  • Inspires in people enthusiasm to achieve for and contribute to St Mungo’s
  • Commitment to St Mungo’s values underpins all actions and decisions
  • Inspires trust and confidence in the way St Mungo’s is governed
  • Actively promotes effective two-way communications between the Board, the Executive Team and the rest of St Mungo’s
  • Proactively seeks opportunities to effectively promote and market St Mungo’s
  • Proactively identifies and pursues relationships that may lead to mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Identifies and assesses external opportunities for St Mungo’s and follows up links and leads.
  • Uses contacts as sources of information, support and problem-solving.
  • Makes an excellent impression on internal and external contacts

Strategic Understanding & Business Acumen

  • Sees and focuses on the wider picture
  • Understands and contributes to the development of strategic aims for St Mungo’s, anticipating future demands, opportunities and constraints
  • Maintains a keen awareness of the key variables associated with the continued viability, growth and cost effectiveness of St Mungo’s services.
  • Proactively identifies potential markets and assists St Mungo’s to respond effectively to them.
  • Demonstrates an entrepreneurial approach
  • Contributes to change and innovation
  • Takes a measured approach to decisions, balancing the risks, costs and contribution to St Mungo’s
  • Identifies critical success factors and key performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of strategy

Analytical and Creative Thinking

  • Accurately analyses and interprets complex written and numerical information
  • Identifies the key factors or issues in a complex problem
  • Thinks creatively when setting future strategy and goals
  • Challenges assumptions and demonstrates a capacity to think laterally
  • Effective in decision-making and problem solving

Communication, Influencing and Building Relationships

  • Speaks and writes in a clear and logical fashion
  • Is sensitive to the needs of the particular audience
  • Listens, and encourages responses from others
  • Uses a range of appropriate approaches and techniques for influencing others
  • Establishes effective relationships with others, including teamwork
  • Contributes regularly and effectively at meetings, remaining focused on the pertinent issues
  • Takes positive action to promote a constructive and inclusive working environment
  • Brings disagreement into the open for discussion when appropriate

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