Tricia Hillas

Located at the heart of the ancient City and retaining a place in the modern capital, St Paul’s plays a significant role in the life of London, nationally and on a world-wide stage. Our hosting of both the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations and the national memorial service following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower give a measure of the place of St Paul’s in our shared civic life.

The St Paul’s Institute was established by the Chapter of St Paul’s in order to recapture the Cathedral’s ancient role as a centre of public discussion and debate. Today the Institute stimulates broad-based public engagement on the relationship between human dignity and the common good, and economic and financial activity. In short, we are interested in the ways economic and financial developments touch the lives of people. In recent years, in view of how far market frameworks and values have come to impact public and private life, the Institute has been developing an enlarged remit to address matters of human flourishing and social justice whilst retaining the lenses of economic, business and finance. This remit is one that the Cathedral Chapter is keen to explore fully as part of the expansion of the Cathedrals commitment to social transformation.

St Paul’s Institute works in concert with a range of politicians, policymakers, universities, think-tanks, NGOs, and financial institutions. Because of the Institute’s unique position, it is able to facilitate dialogues that are unlikely to take place in other contexts. A key and growing partnership is with the Bishop of London and her team as she engages in the public square.

St Paul’s aims to achieve the highest possible standards in everything the Cathedral does towards fulfilling our vision that people in all their diversity will encounter the transforming love of God in Jesus Christ. This vision inspires our desire to be a place and community of spiritual focus for London and beyond, a centre for welcome, worship, learning, debate and discussion to inspire successive generations to engage with the richness of the Christian faith, its heritage and the common good. The Cathedral and St Paul’s Institute are looking for an inspired and inspiring Director to join us in making this vision a reality.

Tricia Hillas
Canon Pastor

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