The Role

Reporting to:  Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Responsible for:  HR team, Organisational Development, Skills & Culture.

  • The People, Culture & Skills Director is a non-voting member of the Board, sharing corporate responsibility for strategic planning, corporate policy-making and the delivery of Board objectives, through providing; HR, Organisation Development, Culture & Skills professional advice and outcomes, both strategically and in relation to the Board’s responsibilities as an employer, and as an industry leader for skills development in our field.
  • To be the professional guidance for the CEO, Board on HR and employee related human resources formal matters and organisational development.
  • Ensuring the leadership and staff of the organisation are skilled/trained to meet the SFGB standards of corporate governance, risk, health & safety, quality, safeguarding, E&D, personal staffing data integrity, financial and people management etc.
  • Ensure the SFGB has appropriate recruitment & retention strategies in place, matched with suitable terms, conditions and policies.
  • To work with the wider "Money/ Pensions/Savings and Debt" industry (and FCA) and wider Government and Industry sector partners to help build the skilled staffing capacity and staff skill sets (and course accreditations), to help meet future growth in demand of Money/Pensions/Savings and Debt related services to customers in the UK.
  • To work with colleagues to ensure a culture and working style that delivers to staff a cohesive, open, empowering, trusted, professional organisation and that makes the SFGB, an employer of choice in the market-place.

Strategic Capability

  • Develop, interpret and anticipate national, regional and local HR, OD & Skills policies to ensure the Board’s strategic plans support effective recruitment, retention, leadership and management of staff.
  • Ensure all workforce and Organisational Development strategies and plans are in place for the start of the new combined organisation and to then support ongoing the Boards people strategy to meet the Vision and Mission and delivery of the Boards strategic objectives. To properly integrate staff matters and motivation into wider corporate and divisional planning.
  • Work with other Human Resources, OD & Skills and change leaders across the sector to interpret and develop policy and share learnings and help build trained capacity in the market for SFGB related services.
  • Develop and embed the organisational HR policies and “people” procedures, appropriate to the needs of the organisation, consistent with any compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements, ensuring that the Board operates fair and responsible employee relations, and which support effective and efficient leadership and management of staff.

Learning & Development

  • The development and implementation of the SFGB HR & OD people strategy to develop our position as an employer of choice, who invests in staff.
  • Ensure that the strategy exploits all opportunities for innovation in the delivery of effective and efficient education, training, skills and personal development plans.
  • Work closely with universities and colleges, training providers, the Financial Conduct Authority and others in the leadership of the training & development of professional staff, using accredited course training where possible.

Organisational Development

  • Ensuring that there are ambitious, highly visible, actively managed HR programmes of Organisational Development initiatives, designed to shape the organisational culture in support of the Boards Vision, Mission & Values.
  • Work closely with the CEO, other Executive Directors and other leaders to introduce new, flexible roles and ways of working, putting workforce redesign at the heart of service transformation, for the goal of better outcomes for our customers.
  • Help build an organisation built on “empowerment”, enhancing devolved leadership at the every level of the organisation, through development and delivery of high quality development programmes, and the provision of advice and support to line managers, in support of positive culture change and innovation through people.
  • Develop a cohesive reward and recognition framework to incentivise appropriate behaviours and high performance throughout the organisation.
  • Implement a formal succession planning framework for critical posts in the organisation to maintain service continuity and effective leadership.
  • Work with the Communications Team to ensure that the Board has a well informed and highly engaged workforce and partners re skills and HR issues.

Workforce Planning & Performance

  • Develop and implement a workforce planning strategy, underpinned by an annual planning & appraisal process that is integral to the organisation's annual corporate plan, ensuring the organisation has an appropriately skilled and experienced workforce at all levels.
  • Develop and implement proactive recruitment and retention plans, which ensure that the organisation has the right numbers of appropriately qualified and trained staff for both the short and long term.

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