The Role

Reporting to: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Responsible for: Digital services, IT & Systems, Marketing & Communications

  • The Digital IT & Marketing Director (DMD) is a non-voting member of the Board, sharing corporate responsibility for strategic planning, corporate policy-making and the delivery of Board objectives, through providing; Digital & Web services, full organisational IT & Systems and also Brand, Marketing & Communications services to the rest of the SFGB organisation and its customers.
  • To be the "Brand Guardian" and successfully develop and launch the new brand (to replace SFGB brand and to phase out the brands of; MAS, TPAS and Pension-Wise). To establish the new brand and grow its reputation, trust, respect and awareness over time in the market place.
  • Help ensure the organisation is respected both by its employees and society. Help ensure that as an organisation we are trusted to get things done and spend money wisely.
  • The transformation of our service delivery using digital platforms and new ways of digital working (e.g. data, machine learning, web, search-engine, webchat, and PPC etc). , as well as other traditional marketing support aimed at the consumer markets.
  • To consolidate the IT infrastructure and digital tools from the three current organisations into one new more efficient system.
  • To be accountable for the IT & Systems team for the organisation's overall IT infrastructure, business continuity, software and ensure that all customer data, staff data and other key data is safe and that the SFGB abides by all the data and IT /systems laws and regulations.
  • To ensure planning for future IT investments and both customer and industry demands on IT & digital services.
  • To use digital and IT solutions to innovate, to deliver more efficient ways of working, supporting the COO (and Exec team) in developing new service offering for customers, collaborative data systems that our supply-chain will likely use too.
  • Provide more automated solutions to simple questions and guidance, and the secure management of data that acts in the interests of the customer, our service offering, our organisation, our staff and is better value for money.


  • Develop, interpret and anticipate national, regional and local Digital, IT systems and Marketing issues to ensure the Board’s strategic plans support effective corporate management of the whole organisation.
  • Ensure the industry Levies are spent by our organisation on their behalf are value for money.
  • Ensure any IT systems transition from three organisations into one, is smooth, secure and trouble free for staff, stakeholders and customers, into one new integrated IT back office solution.
  • Establish the Brand in the market (and transition current services towards the new brand) in the most cost-efficient manner.
  • Keep IT systems, data and content secure at all times and meets regulatory standards/laws and that have IT Business Continuity plans in place.
  • To be core to the driving of core efficiencies and lowering the unit cost of support.


  • Establish and maintain an acute awareness of differing local, regional and national Digital, IT & Marketing related interests and that of Govt. agencies, including our partners in our sector.

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