The Role

As well as the Non-Executive Chairman and the Chief Executive, the SFGB main Board will include two further formal Executive Directors (the Chief Finance Officer and the Chief Operating Officer) and four to six other Non-Executive Directors.

As Chief Operating Officer (COO) you will; share corporate responsibility for strategic planning, corporate policy-making and the delivery of main Board objectives and Corporate Plan.

The Partnership & Commissioning Director role being advertised also reports into the COO for operational delivery and day to day performance but reports to the Chief Executive for strategic Partnership & Commissioning development.

As COO you will provide primary day-to-day responsibility for operational performance and efficiency for the SFGB. Along with the quality and timely delivery of consumer services and operations, within budget, of SFGB in-house delivery of our money (money, debt and pensions) services and those services provided by partner supply-chains that we commission for the end consumer’s benefit to ensure a national quality service delivery offer that is consistent across the country for; Money, Debt and Pensions.

As part of the Board, you will help develop our overall strategy to achieve our strategic aims across; Pensions, Money and Debt guidance and our leadership role in Financial Capability across the UK.

To support the CEO and Executive team you will formulate longer term strategies and new, efficient ways of working that deliver high customer and staff satisfaction levels, and services that are seen by the industry Levy payers as value for money.

The successful candidate will be the “Consumer Champion” ensuring that all services are consumer focused, driving high customer satisfaction advocacy rates that meet the Board’s agreed vision, mission and values, along with achieving operationally agreed corporate plans and objectives/KPI’s, Rallying Cries etc.

As the COO you will drive efficiencies and develop innovative new ways of working (often using new technologies), delivering more successful outcomes, higher quality services, at a lower cost per unit, to help achieve the growth in demand for our services, and all achieved within the agreed funding streams/Levy budgets supporting the SFGB each year.

The COO will help ensure the organisation is respected both by its employees, partners, key stakeholders and customers more widely and trusted to get things done and to spend money wisely by:

  • Ensuring the operational and quality outcomes of customer touch-points/services meet all our compliance, regulatory and statutory policies and standards, including but not limited to: Customer Satisfaction, Service Offer, Risks, Safeguarding, E&D, Health & Safety, Data security etc.
  • Building and maintaining a leadership and motivated staff culture through: empowerment, openness, trust, professionalism and the achievement of strategic Board objectives, goals, KPI’s within agreed budgets, in a timely and risk aware manner, working collaboratively with all other teams, staff and bodies towards this goal.
  • To build an operationally trained volunteer base across the country to support delivery and growth of service demands in future years.
  • You will develop, implement and monitor the organisation’s operational quality system/regime and ensure that capacity is available to map product service processes to support people at different points in their life-stages re money debt and pensions, and develop new products and services more efficiently. To have bandwidth to support teams where necessary to hit all its KPI’s.
  • As COO you will work with external stakeholders, mainly through the Partnership & Commissioning Director e.g. Employers, Schools, Prisons, Job Centres, Local Authorities, Central Government, Agencies etc. to help build a service offer awareness and build a trained volunteer base to support further expansion and awareness of SFGB’s services.
  • You will also have overall responsibility for the B2B communications team.

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