The Role

Reporting to:
Chief Executive (CEO) for Strategic Partnerships and Strategic Commissioning
Chief Operating Officer (COO) for operational and supply chain delivery

Responsible for: Partnerships, Commissioning and Volunteer base

  • The Partnerships & Commissioning Director is a non-voting member of the Board, sharing corporate responsibility for strategic planning, corporate policy-making and the delivery of Board objectives, through providing; Partnerships, Commissioning and establishing a Volunteer base to broaden our local reach to key target groups.
  • As part of the Board, to help develop our overall strategy to achieve our strategic aims across; Pensions, Savings and Debt guidance and our leadership role in Financial Capability.
  • Support the CEO and Board, re the development of Strategic Partnerships and Strategic Commissioning for; debt, money and pensions, and also for a new Volunteer scheme.
  • Accountable to the COO for operational supply chain delivery, service KPI’s and compliance needs of the supply chain to agreed contract terms and achieve Customer Advocacy rates when through Partner delivery.
  • Ensure there is the market capacity for the supply chains needed across the Country, in all our KPI/service areas given the likely growth in future demand.
  • Once the strategy is agreed with the CEO, to then work with the COO to commission a supply-chain with new contracts (and use of the volunteer team) for the SFGB for the provision of consistent services nationally for debt, savings/money and pensions guidance etc.
  • To support the COO to performance, manage as part of the COO’s team the delivery supply chain to achieve those contracted KPI’s.
  • To be the outward face of the organisation (along with the Chairman, CEO, COO) setting up the SFGB's own local events, group delivery sessions etc but also making contact and working with key stakeholders, partners, employers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Schools etc. to build our network of partners.
  • Representing SFGB at B2B events, shows, media and key speaking events.


  • Establish and maintain an acute awareness of differing local, regional and national Partnerships, Commissioning and Volunteer related interests and that of Govt. agencies, including our partners in our sector.
  • To establish a close working relationship with all devolved nations re our and their service provision.

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