Dear applicant,

I am delighted you are interested in finding out more about our Chief Data Architect position, and how this contributes to the important work of the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It will be the responsibility of the Chief Data Architect to drive improvements in the way we hold, manage and use data at the ONS.

Together with our digital transformation activities, we see this role as instrumental in supporting delivery against our strategy Better Statistics, Better Decisions. This strategy sets out a vision of providing high quality statistics, analysis and advice to help Britain pursue better policy decisions and actions. The Chief Data Architect will need to work across all parts of the ONS and with a wide range of external stakeholders. We are already starting to look at new data sources and methods to improve the statistics and information we deliver for decision-making. We are making ever more frequent use of administrative and third-party data sources alongside our traditional survey data and transforming our methods and approaches with a strong focus towards Data Science. The Chief Data Architect will also need to work closely with our newly announced Data Science Campus, which will be outward-facing and will engage strongly with external partners.

This is a new and exciting role which needs a hands-on data specialist who understands the breadth and complexity of data challenges; is well versed in data tools and techniques, including processing large, unstructured datasets; and is able to apply the skills unifying our data holdings to be used to produce our current and increasing range of outputs.

The Chief Data Architect will have a real opportunity to make a very significant contribution to the ONS and to the development of Data Science across the public sector.

Dr David Best

Director of Digital Services Technology Methodology

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