Welcome Letter

Mayday Trust is a forward thinking organisation delivering cutting edge work to people going through the toughest of life transitions; those are people who may be experiencing homelessness, young people moving out of care, men and women coming out of prison with no family support, people with mental health issues or moving from institutions.

The social care sector, like many others, is facing a time of unprecedented change, in the current climate of government reform and local authority cuts. Mayday has seized the opportunity over the last few years, to innovative, to look for creative ways of ensuring that people that most need the help will not feel the full impact of the cutbacks.

The number of people sleeping rough in England has doubled since 2010 and last year over 110,000 people made a homeless application to local authorities - a 26% rise since 2009/10. In the same period councils have seen their housing budgets cut by an average of 23% meaning that there is less resource to support the growing number of homeless people

Mayday’s response has been to introduce a new strength based way of working which builds on the talents and aspirations individuals have so they can begin to reconnect with their communities. The approach, developed in partnership the Search Institute in the US requires a complete overhaul of the current systems and processes traditionally used to support ‘homeless people’. The task to truly implement personalised support cannot happen within the current system.

Mayday has therefore embarked on an ambitious influencing programme to promote the new work and to influence government and key stakeholders to test new and creative ways of working. To date the interest has been tremendous with both investment in the work and government recognition through involvement in high level debates.

It is at this very exciting time, that the Trust is moving office to our key operating area of Oxford and is seeking a new Chair and 3 additional Trustees to join the team to take the Trust through a new 4 year strategic plan which aims to make a significant difference to the lives and experiences of people going through the toughest of times.

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