Dear Applicant,

Sometimes a job opportunity comes along that is genuinely unique. This is one of them.

The Ethical Investment Advisory Group provides advice on ethical investment matters to the three Church of England National Investing Bodies or ‘NIBs’ (i.e. the Church Commissioners, Pensions Board, and the church funds managed by CCLA Investment Management) which collectively manage assets worth around £13bn. The EIAG is the authoritative voice for distinctly Anglican ethical investment policy advice. Its work programme covers a huge variety of ethical investment issues, from traditional subjects such as alcohol and corporate tax, to the ethics of different asset classes or sectors, through to cutting edge technologies such as blockchain.

The Secretary sits at the centre of this, supporting the EIAG’s Chair and members, and coordinating between the EIAG, the NIBs and other stakeholders including Lambeth Palace and the Archbishops’ Council. It is a rare opportunity to shape policy and influence thinking.

The Secretary works closely with the NIBs’ ethical and responsible investment teams. These colleagues provide a support network of other individuals passionate about showing that great investment performance can be delivered while upholding ethical principles. The Secretary is co-located with the Pension Board’s Ethics and Engagement team, and I provide the Secretary’s line management, ensuring direct access to a CEO of one of the NIBs and helping the Secretary navigate the complexities of the Church of England.

To be successful in this role you need to have fantastic organisational skills to ensure the EIAG runs successfully, coupled with the ability to develop policies and advice drawing on the expertise of EIAG members and the NIBs. This means you need to be collaborative, a clear communicator and, at times, a diplomat. We’re not expecting you to be an expert in any particular field, but we will want you to share with us your interest in investment, ethics, and environmental, social and governance issues in business.

Thank you for your interest. Please do take the opportunity to find out more about the role, and please ask if you have questions.

John Ball
Chief Executive, The Church of England Pensions Board
On behalf of the National Investing Bodies and Ethical Investment Advisory Group

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