Bishop Robert’s letter

Welcome and thank you for your interest in this post. The Diocesan Secretary is a key member of my senior staff, and I am looking for someone with passion and enthusiasm to support and help shape our work.

We have a clear and shared vision to grow in prayer, to make new disciples and to serve the people of Devon with joy. We are facing strategic decisions about how best to focus our efforts towards growth particularly in areas of poverty and deprivation in Plymouth and Torbay, as well as in deeply rural parts of the county. There are many challenges but there are also real opportunities to be grasped. The Church of England is a power for the common good in our society, and in Devon the parish church is often at the heart of the local community.

The Diocesan Office has a strong staff team with gifted and committed people. I’m looking for a colleague who is inspired by their Christian faith who will be equally committed to our purpose and contribute to the team effort. I look forward to the new insights a new Diocesan Secretary will bring. Growing the Church is a leadership challenge for us all and trust lies at the heart of any successful team. I need someone who is fundamentally a team player with the confidence, skills, aptitude and personality to lead our Diocesan Office staff in the service of God, the Diocese and the people of Devon.

With my thanks for our partnership in the Gospel,

The Bishop of Exeter

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