Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in this role. The Church of England Pensions Board provides retirement services to those who have served or worked for the Church of England - they are our customers and this role is all about our customers.

This is a time of change for the Pensions Board. I’m new in post as CEO and we will have a new Chair from May 2019. This is my first appointment to the Executive Team and the role will be working very closely with me to review and refresh our vision and strategy, develop a strategic plan reflecting customer and stakeholder needs, and then bringing about the change necessary to implement that plan.

To be successful in this role you don’t particularly need to be an expert in pensions or housing (our two main operational activities) but you do need to care about customers; you need to be someone who enjoys working with others; curious about why things are the way they are, yet practically minded; and someone who can envisage change and influence others to achieve it. I hope you would spot where we are not as joined up as we should be, and ensure that we are communicating for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders rather than ourselves.

Uniquely among the Exec team, this role does not come with direct reports or day to day operational responsibilities. This offers a lot of freedom. It also means that you have to be comfortable with personally delivering projects and outputs.

This role offers the opportunity for some truly long-term vision and planning. We need to be thinking about the needs not only of our current retired customers but also those who are just at the start of their working lives. Over the next decade we will see a huge increase in the numbers retiring; people are living longer and their needs change over time; there are technologies we are not even beginning to harness; and there are the expectations of the wider Church with whom we work. And of course, we have a few near-term challenges too.

So I think this is an exciting time. I’m look forward to appointing a fantastic colleague to join me on this journey. Please do take the opportunity to find out more about the role, ask questions, and think carefully about whether it might be for you.

Thank you for your interest,

John Ball
Chief Executive Church of England Pensions Board

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