I’m delighted that you are interested in becoming Director of Strategic Marketing and Income Generation for the Charity.

Our purpose is clear, we want the Charity to help as many people as it can, in the most effective ways possible. And our challenge is growing. Last year people from within the civil service community came to us for help over 48,000 times. We offered advice, guidance and financial support, helping them with all kinds of the complex, continually evolving challenges which anyone can face throughout their lives - from mental or physical health issues, through managing money and debt, domestic violence and relationship breakdown to caring responsibilities and bereavement.

Within the first five months of 2019 we have already exceeded last year’s figure and we want to develop our services and do even more for the people we exist to support. But to do that we need to build on our approach for sustainable income generation.

The Director of Strategic Marketing and Income Generation will be joining our team at a very exciting time, playing a key role in shaping the Charity’s future direction and developing the next iteration of our long-term strategy. You will determine the most effective ways in which the organisation can build on - and maintain - the kinds of help we offer, for the generations to come.

The Charity is a great place to work and as someone we supported recently said: “You step in to help, when there is no one else to turn to.”

If this is the kind of challenge which interests you, we’d love you to apply. Many thanks for your time.

Graham Hooper
Chief Executive

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