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There are 4 Leadership roles available. Please click on the relevant job summaries to download documents on the individual positions.

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The ambition for the new Buckinghamshire Council includes:

  • Strong, visible and accountable strategic leadership, speaking up with a single voice for Buckinghamshire on behalf of residents, business and partners;
  • Local communities empowered to shape their own future, with improved involvement of local people in the choices that affect them;
  • Services that are simple to access, efficiently delivered, and meet the needs of residents, communities and businesses, with faster, leaner decision making;
  • Significant cost savings delivered and invested in priority outcomes, adding value for both Council and Business Rate Tax payers; appropriate commercial activities developed to reduce the need for grant and taxpayer funding.

Our Design Principles for Buckinghamshire Council

Members will be considering the design principles as part of the implementation plan. In a unitary of this size and scale, these are likely to include:

Member Led

We will be an organisation where elected Members establish the strategic priorities and work collaboratively with officers to deliver these. We will have effective governance and management arrangements to underpin this.

Customer and Service User Focused

Services and processes will be co-designed with customers, service users and communities around their needs, making the best use of existing and emerging technology as appropriate. We will provide excellent digital channels whilst also ensuring that telephone and face to face access is provided for our most vulnerable residents and those who are digitally excluded.

Locally Focused

We will be a council that thinks and acts locally, devolves local decision making where it is safe and cost effective and enables unitary councillors to take decisions in their local areas, alongside key partners, and develop local solutions to local issues. We will design services within a countywide framework, with local delivery tailored according to different local needs.

Externally Focused

A strong external perspective to understand what is best in class and take opportunities to achieve excellence for Buckinghamshire. We will build partnerships and relationships at regional and national levels and promote the interests of Buckinghamshire on the national stage.

Flexible Workforce and Culture

All employees are highly valued and our approach to people management will be empowering, collaborative and streamlined. We will encourage innovation and continuous improvement and minimise bureaucracy. We will have the culture, skills and systems to support mobile and flexible working.

Commercial Outlook

We will proactively seek opportunities to create value for residents and communities whilst reducing the dependency on the tax payer. We will seek to drive down costs, retain, dispose or acquire assets where appropriate to create a long term benefit and additional income for the council, and ensure income generation through trading, fees and charges, and levering in external finance are sufficient to enable the new authority to deliver its priorities and be in as strong a financial position as possible

Pragmatic Commissioner

Service delivery solutions will be evidence based and developed on a case by case basis to achieve best quality and value for money. We will commission some services where this is appropriate, to sit alongside our directly provided services.

Salary – circa c. £150,000. These roles will be appointed on a Personal Contract and will have the opportunity to receive a non-consolidated performance payment for outstanding performance.

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