Thank you for your interest in the role of Treasurer at Bible Society.

We live in exciting times! At home in this country, confidence in the Bible within the Church is worryingly low whilst outside the Church many consider the Bible irrelevant or even toxic. In other parts of the world, notably Asia and Africa, demand for the Bible is growing, but the supply is struggling to keep up with demand.

To meet today’s challenges and opportunities, we are in the process of shifting from being perceived as a fundraising agency that raises support for global Bible mission to a mission partner and creative communications agency. In the coming years, we are committed to increasing our focus at home whilst not neglecting our work abroad.

The Bible is, by nature, a communication. It is the story of God and the world, and it is a revelation of God to humanity. The Bible calls the reader to a profound experience of encountering the voice of God. In a complex and rapidly changing world, we are committed to helping people engage with the Bible and discover and play their part in it. We want to see Christians grow in their Bible confidence, ‘translating’ it to every part of life and society. We also seek to invite a wider audience to encounter the wisdom the Bible offers and hear God speaking. We aim to change the conversation about the Bible in British culture.

All our efforts are driven by one conviction: when people engage with the Bible, their lives can be transformed.

Bible Society is a life-giving organisation with a great history. I warmly invite you to join us in our mission to bring the Bible to life for every man, woman and child.

James Featherby, Chair of Trustees

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